BioLargo Story

The Beginning

Kenneth Reay Code, the ‘Inventor’, entrusted with the BioLargo Technology, began this journey of ours over 10 years ago when his father had a severe stroke and was left severely impaired, bed ridden or wheel chair confined and in need of long-term convalescent care. Out of concern for his father’s great risk of secondary infection, Ken set out to find a way to extend his father’s life expectancy and improve his quality of life by reducing his risk of contracting disease and by reducing compounding risks of secondary infections that are so common in long-term care facilities.

Through his scientific trials of blending low dose inorganic chemical compounds and absorbent materials he made what may just be called a “genuine discovery”.

When the BioLargo Technology is incorporated into products, many of which are already widely known and in use, those products become an effective tool in stopping the transmission of life threatening disease.

“All we had to do was figure out how to apply these naturally occurring compounds to products so they could do what they were created to do and put them to use out in the field where disease is most prevalent”.  – Kenneth Reay Code

Kenneth Reay Code Performs Quality Assurance

Kenneth Reay Code Performs Quality Assurance

The Company holds five issued US Patents and is on record with more than 20 additional Patent Applications at the US Patent and Trademark Office relating to additional uses of the chemistry, the reactions and applications of the BioLargo Technology. It also expanded its iodine technology and proofs of claims through a shared ownership arrangement of the Isan technology in late 2011 principally focused on agriculture related applications.

We have a major solution to the problem of disease transmission and are now on course to ‘get it into the field’ to get to work killing diseases.

The BioLargo Technology is a patented technology that in simple terms places basic, safe, and inexpensive inorganic compounds into absorbent products like bed pads, blood pads, diapers, surgical drapes, transportation packages for protective liners, wound dressings, bandages, etc. and, also in liquid, tablet, powders, sprays, washes, and gas phase delivery systems.

The Company is also able to deliver controlled dosages of its chemistry in liquid, solid and gas phase reactions which allows for the BioLargo Technology to be featured in a wide range of uses and products.

“It is important to note that the inorganic compounds used in this application are similar in composition and dosage to what is often used in every day common vitamins.” – Kenneth Reay Code

When the BioLargo Technology is incorporated into these types of products, the result is highly potent, safe, and degradable germ killing products that can save lives around the globe.

Of even greater significance is the fact that this technology that can isolate and contain disease-causing fluids in the health care delivery system, personal hygiene, and body trauma areas and has the backing of world-class scientists and doctors. Disease is spread through contact, and the products made with BioLargo Technology kills blood borne and related diseases on contact before it can spread.

BioLargo Technology

Disclaimer: The products in which the BioLargo Technology can be used include both regulated and unregulated uses and applications. Certain specific regulated applications and its use therein require highly technical analysis, additional third party validation and will require regulatory approvals from organizations like the FDA or EPA.