Why does the BioLargo Technology feature Iodine?

Kenneth R. Code, the Inventor who first discovered our BioLargo Technology chose Iodine because it is a powerful oxidizer, essential nutrient and catalyst. When delivered in appropriate dosing and delivery, it is considered the most potent and broadest spectrum antimicrobial agent known to modern science and considered the “gold standard” of disinfecting agents. It is widely understood by the science community and offers more than 180 years of research and proofs in the literature. It is also a simple contact oxidizer with no known microbial acquired resistance.

Iodine is considered nature’s disinfectant, because it is naturally occurring in the ocean and stored in the form of an iodate and then converted to molecular Iodine (also known as Free Iodine, I2 or just Iodine) by plants and microscopic animals. It then vaporizes into the clouds and back through raindrops to the earth allowing the products of this Iodine oxidation process to then cycle back into the ocean, making the occurrence a natural “Iodine Cycle”. It is earth’s cleanser.

The BioLargo Technology chemically generates Iodine gas in a simple and irreversible reaction from two or more chemical reagents which are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

The robust history of Iodine is a valuable asset to BioLargo in helping position the BioLargo Technology for product placement, efficacy understanding and for regulatory approvals. It is homogeneously understood in the marketplace and has been chosen because it is both Safe and Effective when managed properly.


Since Iodine was discovered more than 180 years ago, what makes the BioLargo Technology unique?

The BioLargo Technologies use iodine in ways that have never been done before. Our AOS System amplifies the oxidation potential of ordinary iodine and then combines it with filter media and electricity to clean water with technical results that are ‘unprecedented’. Our Isan system is unique in the way it automates, calibrates and precisely delivers iodine extracted from crystalline iodine.

Kenneth R. Code, the Inventor who first discovered our BioLargo Technology chose Iodine because it Iodine is considered nature’s cleanser and natural oxidizing agent. It is a highly effective odor eliminator as it oxidizes volatile organic molecules. It is nutrient, and catalyst. When iodine is included in a formulated product, at appropriate doses and in tailored delivery systems, it can be useful for sanitizing and disinfection.

Our Cupridyne features chemically generated Iodine, (aka. Free Iodine, Molecular Iodine or I2) that is stored in an inert state (not chemically active) which can be delivered on demand. It uses chemical reagents that are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), that react when mixed with water from any source, and then dissolves the Iodine within the reaction mixture, creating a powerful oxidizing agent.

Please see specific product labeling to verify its intended and appropriate uses.

The reactions are irreversible and short in duration, commonly referred to a ‘flash of Iodine’. It is a powerful oxidizing agent, safe and simple, with no known microbial acquired resistance. It is unique in its multiple compositions, its simplicity of effectiveness, environmental safety, cost effectiveness and its superiority to competing technologies.

BioLargo Technology generates a controlled dose of Iodine which essentially harnesses Nature’s Best Solution, offering strategies for sanitizing or disinfection that are quite unique and superior to other products. Our technology allows us to generate small or large doses of Iodine depending on the application chosen and its intended purpose. This is unique to our technology in that other forms of Iodine technologies are extremely limited in their ability to deliver higher doses of Iodine as well as other practical limits that interfere with the effectiveness of the Iodine being delivered, as well as potential toxicity or staining problems in those applications.

What does a licensing and technology development company like BioLargo, Inc. actually do?

It is primarily focused on the following strategies:

  • Licensing – Actively marketing its technology solutions to leading corporations throughout the world for inclusion into their current product lines, and future product applications. With a licensing strategy, BioLargo offers these corporations the opportunity to enhance their product benefits and potentially increase a products profitability.
  • Technology Development – The BioLargo Technology is in continuous development and formulation process reviews to enhance already designated applications, existing Intellectual Property, new inventions and patent extensions.
  • Product Development– BioLargo is continually refining its market based product concepts which can be enhanced and successfully marketed featuring the BioLargo Technology. This is most often accomplished by BioLargo’s own efforts. In some instances, the product development effort is expensive, time consuming and necessitaties partnering corporations joint cooperation of resources.

Is there competitive technology with the same performance results as the BioLargo Technology?

There are no known competitive technologies that offer the features, benefits and results of the BioLargo Technology. However, there are a number of large and well capitalized companies that offer other forms of Iodine, and other competing sanitizing and/or disinfecting agents.

The BioLargo Technology is unique and we believe it is superior to competing sanitizing and disinfecting technologies.

What are the potential barriers to commercialization of the BioLargo Technology?

There are entry and regulatory barriers with risk factors that can impact the Company’s commercialization efforts which we describe in detail in our public filings.

BioLargo being an Intellectual Property company has chosen a licensing and partnering strategy with large corporations to minimize these barriers. It has been stated in the regulatory world that large corporations are better suited to manage these barriers.

Does the BioLargo Technology require regulatory approvals?

Many applications like odor and moisture control, cleaning applications, and many industrial use applications do not require regulatory approvals. In contrast, there are a number of disinfection related products that feature our BioLargo Technology require regulatory approvals from either the FDA or EPA or similar regulatory agencies throughout the world. In general terms any product that relies upon an anti-microbial marketing claim such as sanitizing or disinfecting capabilities, are governed by agencies like the FDA in order to insure that the products perform as represented in such claims. Non-treatment uses of the technology typically fall into a category of application that are considered as being among the shorter processes for regulatory approvals. Any pesticidal product will require the approval of the EPA or similar agency. Food industry applications also may require additional regulatory approvals. Products that rely upon certain uses that feature increased holding power or other non-regulated claims or industrial applications however, often do not require these types of approvals. The actual marketer of products is responsible for compliance with applicable laws that apply. BioLargo relies on highly specialized consultants in this area to assist the company in all compliance matters.

How can I obtain more information about the BioLargo Technology?

For additional information please contact us.

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