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Major Parternership Opens Doors for Micro-Cap Company

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June 22, 2009
We love our animals, but let’s face it; occasionally, they stink, and anything that can ease the strain on our noses, while also helping us escape the wrath of Mother Earth, is worthy of attention, and perhaps, purchase.

So, in the midst of all the chaos on equity markets, the timing of an announcement in the fourth week of June by Irvine, California-based BioLargo Inc. (OTCBB:BLGO) of a major distribution deal made waves. The company told the world it had forged links with distributor E.T. Horn Company (located in nearby La Mirada, Calif.) to market its Odor-No-More™ products with a multiple-truckload order of approximately $100,000. The first shipment is expected to be ready for retail delivery in early July.

(Apart from the dollars and cents of the day’s announcement, its significance lies in Horn’s status as one of the nation’s premier distributors of raw materials and chemicals for use in coatings, building materials, elastomers, lubrication, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, and food products.)

Odor-No-More, the company’s website boasts, is the most effective odor and liquid eliminators for pet owners these days. The environmentally safe and non-toxic offering solutions provide animal owners more time to enjoy their animals as opposed to cleaning up after them. The technology consists of a proprietary blend of micro-nutrient salts that are commonly found in animal feed supplements and multi-vitamins.

Far from the dollars and sense of the day’s announcement, BioLargo’s story is an emotional one, brought about by a near-tragedy in the family of the company’s founder. Kenneth Code started the company around 10 years ago while caring for his father, a stroke victim, who found himself bedridden and wheelchair-bound. Code found a way to keep his father and other residents safe from primary and secondary infections, by developing a technology that would go on to garner two U.S. patents, while two other products have applications filed on their behalf.

BLGO’s proprietary technology works by combining micro-nutrient salts with liquid from any source to deliver “free-iodine” on demand, in controlled dosages, in order to balance efficacy of performance with concerns about toxicity. BLGO’s technology has potential commercial applications within global industries, including, but not limited to, agriculture, animal health, beach and soil environmental uses, consumer products, food processing, medical, and water industries. It is also said to be effective at reducing greenhouse gases.

Several noted animal trainers, particularly those who work with racehorses, have gone on record as saying Odor-no-More products leave their barns smelling better than ever before. Clearly, the word of mouth is getting out about the product.

The stock price of BLGO, listed at 30 cents the day of the announcement, is just off the bottom of a 52-week range that peaked last July at $1.40, which should make it attractive to investors with the smell of risk in their nostrils.

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