Platform Technologies

The BioLargo Difference

The Application: BioLargo technology addresses a host of markets having a common thread: they are all significantly disadvantaged by the presence of unwanted species. Examples of these species are bacteria, microbes (including viruses), volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), odor carrying compounds such as ammonia, and heavy metals. The markets are as diverse as agriculture, animal husbandry, medicine, petroleum recovery, household products, and water supplies.

The Science: The platform technology is the patent protected (or patent pending) CupriDyne-SAP(TM). It features an iodine-based advanced oxidative system. Two safe and commonly used salts are combined in a super absorbent polymer (SAP) host. Fluid penetration drives the reaction which produces the potent oxidant, stable molecular iodine. This substance is widely known for its efficacy in various spheres of disinfection. It is considered “green” versus any other oxidative process available to water treatment. In addition, the US EPA has reregistered iodine, giving it much new freedom to operate.

The CupriDyne-SAP(TM) delivery mechanism uniquely makes it available upon demand. Importantly, although generally used at neutral pH, it is also operative in a wide range of acidity and alkalinity.

The Technology: The delivery mechanism can be tailored to the application. In each case, though, the operation is straightforward and an excellent fit with other water treatment processes. These other processes include solids removal, membrane filtration and desalination. The iodine delivery system can comprise either an anionic or cationic superabsorbent polymer. This versatility is permitted by the dual ionic charge dissociation property of the free iodine molecule. Combined with the ability to operate in highly variable pHs, this allows for the design of a variety of innovative delivery systems.

Another key feature is that the absorbency of the CupriDyne-SAP(TM) is many times that of virgin SAP, a particular advantage in applications such as wound dressings. Finally, a key feature of the operating system is that the reaction products are flocculated and collected rather simply. All of this can be accomplished using industry standard process equipment. With a properly tailored SAP, very often the flocculated product has an industrial use. This is the case in the application involving deodorizing hog farming wastes containing ammonia. Excellent results are achieved with minimal dosing in the liquefied waste. The flocculated product is a high value fertilizer.

The BioLargo Difference: High value cost effective solutions for a variety of applications, but in particular all your disinfection and deodorizing needs, utilizing a powerful and yet environmentally friendly oxidant, molecular iodine.