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Isan® – Allows for real time, automated, precise dosing to bodies of water, continuous flows of water, recirculating systems and water application systems including large scale industrial uses. The Mini Isan® can be rolled on site or mounted on the back of a utility vehicle for portable solutions.

CupriDyne™ can be delivered in capsules, tablets and powders, allowing for mixing in water, or by blending with other materials. CupriDyne™ can also be mixed on site to be applied in small scale applications such as sprays and washes.

CupriDyne™ technology or the Isan® system can be used for large scale applications.

Large Scale Production of Absorbent Materials

Large Scale Production

CupriDyne™ technology can be delivered through a blending of superabsorbent gel powders and can also deliver its two components of chemical reactants by the piezoelectric pulsing (ink jetting) method to roll stocks which are intended to be pulped, layered into the absorbent web or used as coverstocks in the converting process.

BioLargo uses machinery normally dedicated to color printing in industrial formats, as a method of delivering extremely accurate dosing of free iodine generating compounds, with, and without color to virtually any printable substrate.

The piezoelectric delivery of droplets represents a highly efficient and cost effective execution of BioLargo’s US patent 6328929.

Typical applications requiring this accuracy are wound dressings, absorbent pads and meat soakers which when exposed to water creates a directional flow into the absorbent material. The print heads and inks are provided by suppliers to BioLargo.

Large Scale Production of Absorbent Materials The installation of CupriDyne™ is accomplished at the manufacturing stage. The process of making materials for distribution is typically a two step process.

Microscopic FiberStep 1. Production of Substrate Material
The company outsources its contract manufacturing needs from multiple large-scaleproducers who make the absorbent material, called substrate.
Inclusion of the CupriDyne™ technology within the absorbent fiber and super absorbent web is a highly efficient method of delivery.

Step 2. Converting
Once the substrate material is produced, including the installation of the BioLargo Technology, the raw materials are made into a large rolled stock and can then be shaped, cut, and formed into market ready products. That second step is accomplished through what is referred to in the industry as a converting process. The company has a number of converters who supply these services on an order by order basis.
The converting process allows the company to make multiple products to meet the various needs of its customers.

Examples of Actual products produced and sold by the company are shown below:

Blood Transport Pad

Protective Pad for use as a package liner for shipping BioHazardous Materials

Medical Protective Pad


Product Applications

The BioLargo Technology can be incorporated at the manufacturing level of the substrate materials (for uses in absorbent material) which can then be used to make market ready products. The addition of the technology adds performance features to those products that can enhance the capabilities of the products and selling proposition.

In sprays, washes, or other liquid forms the chemisty can be mixed with water and other liquids, using tablets or powders, or by combining liquids, which can be premixed, or even mixed on site. It can be delivered in a gas phase system as a fumigant, for dosing a flow of water, or a body of water or even soil or sand. The technology can be used treat materials, particles or other additives which can be combined into products.

The enhancements offered by the BioLargo Technology typically highlight the following attributes of the products where it can be used:

Odor Control
Enhanced Holding Power (absorbents)
Safety in Handling
Safety in Disposal
Safe By-Products
Environmentally Friendly Results and By-Products
Low Corrosion

Product Strategy

The strategy required with all product applications will dictate both the dosage required for efficacy and safety as well as the method of delivery to insure the target results are accomplished with any product. The technology offers flexibility in dosage, choice of reagents, delivery mechanisms, delivery systems, and product delivery choices all combining to deliver results that are effective and safe.