Isan System

Precision Iodine Dosing System

BioLargo, Inc. and its Australian partner Peter Holdings, Pty, Ltd. own the Isan technology on an equal basis. BioLargo is authorized to represent and market the Isan® system, on an exclusive basis in the United States and on a shared basis throughout the rest of the world.

The Isan system has received patents in multiple countries, and regulatory approval in Australia and New Zealand. Currently there are approximately 150 installations being serviced by a local Australian distributor with an emphasis in hydroponics, irrigation supply and post harvest wash related uses. The patented Isan system is a proven iodine based disinfection system for use across many industries. It has a robust history and commercial proof of claims that have been advanced in Australia over the past nine years. It has been referred to as one of the most important technical advancements in food safety in the past 20 years, and won a ‘top 50 water company award’ by the Artemis Project in 2010. Its role in sustainable water recycle and reuse programs are of global interest and has the potential to become a staple technology in agriculture production, processing and food safety programs.

“This strategic alliance represents an opportunity for BioLargo to work closely with one of the other leaders in environmentally friendly iodine-based disinfection technology. The scientific work that Ioteq has done is complementary to and a natural fit with our own patented and patent-pending technology.”
Dennis Calvert, President and CEO of BioLargo

“This is only the first step in a long, close relationship we envision with BioLargo.”
Jared Franks, President of Ioteq

About Ioteq

Ioteq is currently expanding its commercial interests in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, offering its patented Isan system as an innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly disinfection and sanitation technology for agriculture, horticulture, waste water, manufacturing, and industrial and consumer applications. Isan offers an effective chlorine replacement technology for large-scale reduction in chlorine use as well as the removal of toxic chlorine by-products from the food chain.

Precision Dosing of the Essential Nutrient

Iodine is an Essential Nutrient (Required for LIfe) and the Isan system delivers Iodine with exact precision for fortification, or depending on the application, it can remove take it back out.

Effective chlorine replacement

Comprehensively replaces disinfection by existing chlorine wash systems, eliminating all of chlorine’s negative aspects and handling problems including growing environmental issues at the same time as providing a powerful biocide.

Higher kill rates on bacteria and fungi

Extensive testing and industry use has proven that the Isan system consistently achieves high bacteria, fungal and pathogen kill rates in both water solutions and on a wide range of fruit and vegetables.

No pH adjustment

Chlorine only operates effectively within tightly controlled pH levels. As chlorine is added to water, pH moves outside these limits, making the chlorine less effective as a disinfection treatment. By contrast, iodine operates in a very wide pH range. It has little or no adverse effect on pH, eliminating all of the pH monitoring problems encountered with chlorine.

Environmentally friendly

The Isan system is one of the world’s most environmentally responsible and friendly disinfection systems. Virtually no biocide by-products escape into the environment. The complete process captures all by-products and converts the captured by-products back into the original biocide, providing an environmentally clean closed loop process.

Almost no corrosion

The Isan system is far less corrosive than any other system:
– iodine itself is seven times less corrosive than chlorine;
– the concentration of iodine used is usually five to ten times less than chlorine dosage.

Iodine – the ideal biocide

For over 100 years, iodine as a disinfectant has been recognised as one of the most effective medical antiseptics available. Even NASA recognises iodine’s unique qualities, using it as the only water disinfection process on all manned space flights. It is also an essential ingredient in our daily diet.

No chemical mixing

Chlorine and fungicide use involves diluting and mixing highly toxic chemicals. By comparison, the Isan system uses a patented form of iodine, which is supplied in a sealed canister. Handling or mixing of chemicals is eliminated – totally.

Automatic adjustment to organic load

The Isan system constantly monitors the active iodine disinfectant available, and quickly self adjusts dosage levels to meet any increase in the organic load. This fully automated process happens in ‘real time’ and is a unique feature of the Isan system.

Fully automated

Every Isan System is equipped with a fully automated computerised control system. This system electronically monitors the biocide level and automatically doses the water to maintain preset levels. Electronic monitoring of the remaining iodine helps to ensure timely replacement of canisters. Every Isan System has in-built modem communication facilitating system control and monitoring as well as on-line diagnostic support.

Complete data logging

Disinfection levels in the wash water can be recorded in any preset time cycle and stored permanently. These logs provide your customers and HACCP auditors with certified proof on constant and effective disinfection levels. No more hand- written reports.

Q/A Audit certificates

Customised audit certificates can be generated automatically for all batches of produce disinfected. This certificate can be printed and/or emailed direct to your customer.

Safe and user-friendly

The Isan system is the safest and most user-friendly disinfection system available. Its controls warn the operator of any breach of preset levels and also, in certain circumstances, can shut down the system. These warnings can be audible, visual and/or sent electronically to a telephone or a computer.

Eliminates chlorine from the food chain

Being iodine based, the Isan system eliminates the significant risk of food operators introducing chlorine-based carcinogenic by-products into the environment or the food chain.