BioLargo Forms Medical Products Subsidiary to Focus on Advanced Wound Care

LA MIRADA, CA–(Marketwire -05/15/12)– BioLargo, Inc. (OTC.BB: BLGO), creator of patented iodine technologies, today announced the development of novel antimicrobial products for the advanced wound care industry and the formation of a wholly owned subsidiary BioLargo Medical Group, Inc., formed to advance proof of claims and pursue regulatory approvals. To run the new subsidiary, BioLargo is assembling a team of experts to capitalize on the industry’s demand for novel products. Unlike other iodine products, BioLargo’s iodine is non-toxic, non-staining, and can be delivered on demand in precision dosing at much higher levels. For the medical field, this means incorporating one of the best antimicrobials known to man into wound care products in a way that is safe and non-staining.

“Armed with positive results from testing and field trials by veterinarians and hoof care specialists of our recently developed hoof and leg products for animals, it became increasingly apparent to us that our technology could play a pivotal role in the human wound care field,” stated BioLargo’s president, Dennis Calvert. “With the need for wound care products without microbial resistance so great, the commitment to this vertical market became the next logical and necessary step.”
With disease resulting from antibiotic resistant bacteria such as c.diff and staph on the rise and ever more making headlines, the industry has a great need for a product with no known microbial resistance. Advanced wound care products include wound washes, wound gels, and wound dressings, among others. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, current research projects that the globaladvanced wound care market will rise to nearly $21 billion in 2015. Significant areas of development are within the areas of antimicrobials (including iodine), hydrogels and other dressings.

BioLargo’s new wound care products have achieved high levels of antimicrobial efficacy without cytotoxicity in lab tests and are being developed and refined in preparation for market introduction upon receiving appropriate regulatory approvals. BioLargo’s technology is green, and can be delivered in a liquid, gel or ointments.

BioLargo has made recent additions to the team with the anticipation of the formation of BioLargo Medical Group. Last year, Biolargo brought on board an experienced medical professional with an advanced wound care background, and has recently added another experienced wound care professional to assist with regulatory strategy and business development. The Company expects to continue to identify and recruit professionals from this field to assist in executing its business plan. “We are highly encouraged by the response from industry and believe our work in this area is both important and significant,” stated Calvert.